Supervillain Most Likely


I really like the font on that clock.

I can do whatever I want.  Here’s the reminder of that.

albatross Hungary sudafed stream-of-consciousness alabaster estuary elixir eloquence irritant expectant expectorant pharmaceutical elongate intellectualize ruined Google listing absentia listeria equilibrium intelligentsia illuminate vivify vilify morose milquetoast mediocre mensch modernity par exemple bildungsroman austerity fibrous loquacious gracious spacious rime galleon lavender regrettable sanctuary sensuous seneschal diphtheria phthalo lumpy palette blade variegated trifurcated vented spleen delicatessen eradicate erosion illusion illustrious languid chaise longue solvent solute substitute desuetude bellwether tremendous delirium non compos mentis trepanning giddy gadfly goosebump galoshes argot labyrinthine incarnation gleaming garish crepuscular oscillations trimester morning glory bleary buttercup bitchface intolerant mortuary pallid paladin palpate pulpit pluck pyramid pistol acerbic verbosity horrified concordance aqueous aquiline fearsome untold supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

See, I made a rule once that I couldn’t just provide a list of random words, but sometimes, the stories that exist to tell are not ones that are comfortable to tell.  They’re parts of other stories that aren’t mine alone, they’re awkward, they’re half-baked, half-soup and bringing them up without a point to them is just highlighting a failure of mine unnecessarily.  Or, it’s possible, that the most interesting thing that happened today was we decided to go to the local restaurant that has burritos (amongst other things who are only connected by the fact that they are all wrapped in tortillas in some fashion, like catfish and lamb) and it was really good.  It was fine.  I didn’t want to go, in the half second between the suggestion of it and my peeling back the tinfoil in the car and shoving my mouth around it, but obviously, I was hungry enough to be readily convinced.   That was the big deal.

That and there are all types of getting jerked around and I’m being taught a brand new sort lately.

I wanted to make the list of words I knew, to remind myself of the depth and width of my knowledge.  The grasp does not exceed my pretty extensive reach, but because of the rule of no gibberish, of every post this honest, good ol’ college try, this shot for the moon, I haven’t really vented my brainpan with the delicious, uncounted multitudes that a capacity for language can surround you with.  A cap for every skull.  The joy I feel in words is sincere, and deeply felt, so a list is not cutting corners.  It’s playing in the sandbox with five hundred toys.  I don’t know if I’m making sense.  I’m quite tired and not drunk as I had hoped.

I want to finish this before I run off to the bathroom.  Or worse yet, before I work myself up into some sort of pity party.  It’s too early and too late all at once to deal with that sort of behavior.  We just have to finish our report. Even if it requires finding two hundred and seven additional words I know and adding them to the above roster of my lexicon.

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