The Arrow


I was not anticipating being able to make a post on time tonight.  We went, my younger sister and I, to the Ben Howard concert.  Throughout I thought something was off or wrong, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Obviously, the fact that his short set was made up entirely of new songs (so new that I’d only heard one or two) had something to do with it.  As well as the fact that we were surrounded by people twice our age, which is saying something given how decrepit we have both become and that we sought out the seating in the far back of the theatre.  But when he sort of abruptly ended it with the best song as the single song encore, have to say, it wasn’t exactly the show I was expecting.  And now I’m home at 11:16 and there’s time for me to spill my guts and think my thoughts.

He did say he wasn’t feeling well – about the only thing he did say aside from Hello, Denver – and while I don’t want a refund – he did play for an hour and 15 minutes and there were some beautiful moments in there – I would love to see him under better circumstances.  For both of us.

But that wasn’t the only thing that happened today.  I did exit the house a bit earlier and we got some chicken wings, trolled around Barnes and Noble (frankly, having a Kindle does make me think twice about just picking up a random book even if I saw some poetry compilations I wouldn’t have minded owning) and wanted a nice leather-bound planner, but couldn’t find one.  I think I’ve got to get to Target tomorrow for some more shakes, that planner, and a fresh toothbrush head.  Since I’m sure you were curious.

We also made the drive to Ikea and bought a few random things that should make our lives better.  Some new plates to replace the old chipped ones that become lava-hot when you put them in the microwave.  A couple cardstock crates for paperwork, a dish scrubber, a toilet scrubber, and some other bits and bobs I can’t recall right now.  All for 3p! No, it was 30 bucks, which still felt really reasonable.   We also, let it be known for the record, escaped and did not die in Ikea.  It was a close call, but we avoided any meatball-related catastrophes and then flew away.

Oh, weight.  Yes.  Continue to have it.  Did not see anything go down when I got on the scale today.  Sigh.  Have ketosis breath, though, which is charming.  My pants and dresses feel looser.  Can’t think too much about it until I activate some of the defense mechanisms – drinking more water, getting some legitimate exercise done and not just walking about Ikea.

I have something else to do now and I’m doing it.  I’m getting ready to, anyway, so it’s time to find a picture, make up a title and bid you all my farewells.  For tonight.