Radar Can’t Look Into the Heart, Sir

I’m nervous now, so I have to at least get a start in otherwise, I have a feeling based on an absence of logic, that I will again be cursed and unable to post.

Oh, my stomach was in knots last night!

And now my stomach is in knots for entirely different reasons as I come down from another Trivia Night out in the social realm.  I am full and though we came in fifth place, I feel pretty rewarded and satisfied overall.  I am getting my list for things I need to do before I hit the streets on Friday night done…done.  At least in parts and pieces.  Tomorrow, though, I have a visitors and tourism guest relations-type training for half the day so I hope that doesn’t put me too far off of where I need to be.

I am thinking that I need to start giving you a list.

Things I love: getting the hell out of dodge and getting to see my friends and just be this loopy and ridiculous beast skulking around the Disney Parks and drinking like some sort of inveterate lush.  Or at least pretending to be one .  A known, habitual drunkard.  Getting to go to the airport and people watch!  Riding the quiet shuttle all the way to the airport with my Travellin’ playlist that has Bob Dylan’s “Time to Get Movin'” on it and watching the sun come up and the negotiating the terminal and security.  Getting a bit of coffee, finding a plug at the gate for all my electronics.  Situating myself for takeoff with hopefully no one too annoying sitting around me and knowing, magically, that there’s no turning back now.   Circling for a landing and then just smoothly arriving as if the whole thing just was a zen exercise.  Peering around and realizing holy fuck, I’m on the other side of the country.   Giving my friends a buzz and getting all of us squealing and wailing and being hilarious in the same space while we corral ourselves into the shuttle to the hotel.   Going on the inevitable booze run and sorting out the gear so we can properly nerd out over shit.   Nerd out?  Geek out?  Probably watch Final Sacrifice that first night.  Just recognize everything we’ve been through together over the past couple of years.  Laugh until I can’t even see straight.  Take in the ridiculous hotel decor.  Possibly take a swim or whatever it is I do that approximates swimming in my new swimsuit.  Wake up and recognize I’m in Orlando and everything that is as it needs to be and I’ll eat some eggs benedict and strap on my walking shoes and get my pedometer and water bottle setup and just find myself observing everything.   Just be free and safe in my skin.    Drinking and eating and being as I please, just as I am, with my hair still a little bit chalked.

That’s how I want the start of my vacation to go.  I can’t wait to just be in that moment.