The Hunger

This is my first copy/paste entry.  I’m allowing it because I wrote it today.  Just posted it elsewhere first and I feel I would write about the concert, obviously…so here is a slapdash sense of it.

I am feeding on it as opposed to letting it feed on me.

Well, I feel rather odd doing a write-up of the concert because a) I don’t have any pictures or videos as I was sort of out of my head just focusing on remaining upright and absorbing everything and b) I don’t know…that might mean processing it and getting beyond it and I just want it floating around me like some kind of Marcus Mumford-induced mnemo-audio halo and c) what I essentially have to say was I came, I saw/heard, I was MUMSONED.  Perhaps not in just that order.

So instead, I offer you small things. (re-written, unfortunately, as Tumblr ate my brilliance) *…tumblr.   YOU SUCK. * Okay.  I’m going to try and see if I can find what I wrote!  AGAIN.

Winston was less talkative, I think, than the night before based on the clips but he killed it.  Just played the hell out of everything with such a…to use a rather Mumford and Sons-y type of word, grace.  He is my begrudging favorite simply because I think all of them are extraordinary, but he is gorgeous. And I have survived the live banjo roll.  Just barely.  It’s kind of like he’s banjo fucking the whole room, all those thousands of people, and you banjo fucking love it.

Timshel: Disappointed it didn’t work acoustically on Night 2 like Sister worked.  I think the day was so hot and people had waited a while so they were extra drunk and extra dumb down in the pit, and Winston didn’t incite violence this time, so sorry Ted!  You can’t trust us.  Luckily, I heard the Dapper Ninja took out all those fools before they left for Telluride.

Waiting: I wish I could have stuck around to see about meeting the band, but the timing was such that we had to go home and I was pretty tired/out of it/with a headache that rivaled Athena breaking out of Zeus’ skull so we opted to go home.

Broken Crown: is one of my favorites and I was so happy to see them play it.  Seemed some of the lyrics were changed, leaving that awesome line “And in this twilight, how dare you speak of grace?”

Nathaniel Rateliff / Matthew and the Atlas: great.  I’m sure they’d be better for me in a setting where I could hear their lyrics.

My little sister said it was “one of the best live bands she’d ever seen”

Energy and joy!

Marcus effusing about the beauty of Denver.  Also, he said he went in the morning to the Foothills.  I live in the Foothills.  MARCUS WHERE DID YOU GO?!  WHAT HAPPENED! DETAILS! I NEED DETAILS.  Also, Winnie said Ted had a long story about why he loved Denver, but they never got to tell it.

The way they leave the stage with their arms around one another

Red Rocks.  Whenever they come, I’ll be there.

Alright.  I think that’s everything critical I can remember.  I had a mind-blowing time. I’m trying to adjust back to reality of not having this to look forward to by knowing I have this to remember and knowing they’ll be back and playing Red Rocks soon.  Bless those boys.  They are free of gimmicks and bullshit and they know how to meet you at your level and sing you better for it.  The world is lucky as hell to have them.

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