There Be Mercy: Day 27

So I had 3/4ths of a farmers’ market quesadilla today.  I’m cool with it.

The day was really nice.  Nicer, almost glossy in contrast with the horror show and abject disorganization I felt would surely take place as I was driving in this morning.  I was later than I wanted to be, but I took the quicker route since there’s negligible traffic before seven in the morning on a Saturday, and I got there dead on time.   I was a little DOA, but I drank my shake and had some coffee and dealt with the grand flare-ups and suddenly, there was room to breathe and life to live.

And I let people do their jobs which made me not have to run up and down the streets, trying to do way more than was feasibly possible and control things that were really out of my hands.   So I spent a good portion of the day, watching the creek, and eating my chicken salad and checking Tumblr on my phone, waiting for something to happen that needed my input.  But it was covered.  I waited for the big explosion, the big staff meltdown, my co-workers going at each other’s throats, some accident or incident and none of that happened.

My little sister came to help and I am really glad she did, staving off yet another weird and awkward staff blowback, and she kind of enjoyed it.  But my co-worker’s son asking me about her?  That shit is not on.  No.  No.  No.  I know way too much, much of which I never asked to be told in the first place, and while I think she’s completely oblivious to him, I don’t need him coming back to my office asking how old she is and what she works like I’ve ever spoken to him for more than 3 sentences in succession if that.   So, I am executing a sisterly executive decision and making sure that never the twain shall meet again.  Nein.  That is absolutely not acceptable.

So, by four pm, I was fine and headed home not blistered and exhausted, but just tired at the end of the day and and ready for dinner.  So I ate a proper low-carb dinner and then I watched the live stream of Mumford & Sons at Bonnaroo and delighted and felt over the moon about that and now, we are all convened for our double-header of 80’s childhood cinematic spectaculation celebration.  We’ve just watched Princess Bride and now we’re voyaging through Labyrinth and remarking on its horrors.

Tomorrow is a fresh Sunday.  Full of sleep and plans and exercise and dreams and the unknitting of knots and the shopping for dresses.   I am a good egg.  Good plans.  A  way though.  Quite eager to be done with today’s post and let myself get there, resting.   Let my hands lay still.

Things should be done with joy and I am marching towards it.   Oh, what a terrible post.

Today: 157.4 as if it means something.
Yesterday: 157.4 (perhaps)
Goal: 155.00 by June 15.  That’s 4 days, yo.