Charge of the Light Brigade

I did the exercise today which blows my everloving mind.  Habits are shockingly hard to just step away from except for you know, 99% of the time, when they’re hugely easy to just ignore and stop even when you really want to keep them up.  I did it when I was pretty exhausted and a bit salted out from a sandwich that was within the calorie count, but you know, processed and not really what I was craving, but, here was the thought:

You really do not want to do this right now, so is it because you physically cannot get up and do the half an hour of exercise and get your heart rate up and moving because this day out of all the days that have ever been was in particular exhausting or special in any way for you?  Or is it just because it’s Friday and you’re accustomed to flopping whole-heartedly on the couch and floating a foot above your body and you’re just struggling to get the self back in its carrying case and get a move on.  Basically, is it just because you’re a whiner?

It was definitely number 2.  I knew there was a very clear difference between me not being physically able to get the energy together and stand upright and do some stride jumps and me just feeling like it was fucking annoying to have to do so.  And if I quit every time something appears to be fucking annoying, well, darling…when am I ever going to do anything more than twice in a row?

So, there was that and the peasants rejoiced.

When really, the peasants/the great masses of Egypt are the ones who are rejoicing and taking in what must feel like the first breath of clear air in thirty years.   How remarkable a thing to be typing away and answering emails and hear the word that halfway around the world, millions are released from oppression and misery and a dictator’s clutches.   We are a people that have that in our blood, woven into our history.  What was particularly beautiful about how the Egyptian people won their freedom, to me, was the non-violence.  As I heard on some news report, the “moral force.”  This determined action versus terrorism with all the bombs and the threats and the death that has never shaken a dictator off his lofty perch.  This determined action that ended what I’m sure some believed would never be ended.

It is a remarkable time to be alive and aware of the world.

So, since despite all this I am still a frivolous girl in love with frocks and hoping like hell that Mr. Bates and Anna are going to be able to get it together on Downton Abbey and nobody gets killed off first, not before they stuff Thomas and O’Brien in a furnace or something, I’ve answered my correspondence – both digital and actual letters.  Another wedding invitation.  I’m going to have to do some serious voodoo to stave off the St. Valentine’s blues.  But that’s a post for another time.


Good night.