Compound Interest

Getting back on task.  Okay.  Let’s do that.  That’ll be fun and amazing and great.   Or maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but if it’ll get me typing this, then I’ll use it.

Today was a giant board meeting, well, it was a regular sized board meeting but we hadn’t had one since November so it felt giant.  They always feel a bit scary like you’re not sure who is going to come up with something out of left field since this is their chance to bring up any random question or thing to hash out.  But there wasn’t much of that, really, at least not from my frame of reference and so the day pretty much ran through those puffed and reckless fingertips of mine.  Big plans gave way to just not having time to fuck up which I’m trying to avoid falling back on as my modus operandi.  I have more energy lately, due no doubt to the small changes that are impacting my life.  Einstein said, and I’m sure that paraphrase rather ineptly, that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.  Basically, little things add up into huge, unstoppable, massively crushing things.

So, I’m considering exercising tonight – if just getting on the bike for a bit – despite not being called to do so by SparkPeople or the Wii.  Just to not have tomorrow being so devastatingly difficult, having to cobble together all my energy and to restart two more days of pretty full exercise.  So, we’ll see.  I may just finish eating and clean house and call it good.  Even misfit cowgirls get bored now and then and need a bit of sleep and being stupid.

In that vein of spontaneity and possible dumbness, I’m swapping out work tomorrow afternoon to work on Saturday.  Yeah, I just need to shake up the schedule and that’s the day to go see a movie (probably The King’s Speech) and while it leaves my office open to all sorts of misdeeds and prying creepers while I’m gone for five hours, I need some awayness.  I need to feel like there’s some opportunity to get away from this micro-asylum where they savage Nancy Pelosi for botox but John Boehner’s a handsome fellow with an unfortunate tic that the cruel cameras caused by staring at him so damn long.  I need awakeness and awayness.  A taste of that horizon.

I didn’t ask for the whole day off because a, I’m not personally that far-gone yet.  And b. Mr. New Possibly Single Client (client is the wrong word, but…I don’t have a right word.) is possibly coming in in the morning.  And the cheap, wheedling part of my ego is telling me I need to be about avec breasts.  That only good things can come from cleavage and fake lashes and moxie.   Well, I’ve got two of the three.

Saw some pictures of me from our big luncheon.  I only half-covered my face with the flowers.  Thought maybe it looked like I’d lost weight.  Thought maybe I should throw myself at a pizza to celebrate.  Luckily, I had enough moxie to sit still and shut up.   Trying to collect the last drops to figure out a decent dinner and a little follow-through.