For Want of a Title

Set your disruptor phaser on disrupt.  This is not the usual way of things whatsoever.  We are trying like hell to get our words done fast and still be comprehensible which is not always easy and sometimes we lapse into a third-person type of writing simply because that is sometimes the way all the different personalities in my head refers to ourselves.

This is my first time trial entry.  I am going to try and get done before the big slumber party tonight.  I am in a pretty easy going mood.  I did my exercise right away and it was the last workout of the WiiActive cardio kick start program and it sort of briefly kicked my ass before I kicked back and only had to be on the bike for like a second.  So that, along with a lot of water is making me feel pretty darn alright.  Also I have my clothes in the dryer and I’m going to pull a couple of those things out for me to wear tomorrow and I have my BPAL on – Fae which makes me feel pretty fancy and light and I don’ this point even care if my sister is a raging brat.  At this point, I don’t even care if the scale still hasn’t moved.  I know that at the moment, this very moment, I’m keeping myself on target.

So what else to say, we’re heading to my aunt’s here in a few and we’re probably going to have Subway and that’s doable and good.  A turkey sandwich with oil and vinegar sounds divine.  Actually all vegetables don’t sound bad at all.   Weird.  Um, I don’t know where else to go with this.  I’m packed except for the last clothes, and I think I might bring my Tarot Cards and we’re going to possibly watch Lost in Austen which is great except for all the landing strip references that I’m not entirely sure that I want to share with my whole family, but whatever.  They’ll watch what they want with the marvel of the XBox connecting to Netflix.   Along with all of this, we – not my royal brain we, just my older sister and myself – are going to do our level-headed best to get me excited and clear on what we need to do on the book and while what will not help at all is to keep reading the stellar Song of Ice and Fire, I’m bringing it along, too.

Also, quit insulting my poor tubby cat!  She’s just dumb and likes food and I project onto her and it’s really ridiculous.

Is that Thunder Snow or is that a Truck?  Oh no, that’s a truck.

Okay, just about fifteen words left.   Or fifty, if I could add.  Oh, my birthday, tomorrow.  I’ll be back to report on if I whined my way through it and had unlikely expectations or if I just enjoyed it like I should and soaked in the company of some of the best people in the world.  Let’s hope I’m not an hormonal loser.