This Movie Loves a Lint Screen

500 words in a hot minute.  Or not quite that fast.  We’ll try and put a little effort in tonight.  I’ve been putting in effort all day.  Especially with the diet.  After the serious psychic blow that the new scale provided, I’ve decided that the only way to deal with it is to just keep pressing onward until I am truly beginning where I intended to begin.  This is sort of like pre-season only it all actually counts.    I have lost weight since yesterday but I’ll report again on Sunday and do it weekly from then on.  So that’s a plan.

I got a gift card yesterday for ITunes from my sister when we went to her house for our delayed Christmas and I heard a song on Pandora and got the whole album on a whim since I didn’t really have anything I was desperate to get and it is FANTASTIC.  April Smith and the Great Picture’s Songs for a Sinking Ship.  Bubbly and bouncy and perfect music to do your laundry to while you gear up for the last bit of exercise after impaling yourself whole-heartedly on the WiiActive.

Yes, the laundry is working.  I am working.  I’ve got the YNAB (You Need a Budget – and I do) software up and running now that I know that I’ve got money in the bank.   Hah.  I had to once again call the bank and sort my password out so I can get online.   That’s sort of a terrible mistake because now I realize I could, maybe, get my hair done and my eyebrows waxed and a new dress before our sold-out luncheon on Thursday when really, I could easily survive without those things.  Little luxuries.  But I am doing really well, eating good food, not bitching about not being able to demolish pizzas and other innocent baked goods just for the sound they make.  I had the most delicious, sweet apple that you could ever imagine just now.  Crunchy and crisp and just dripping with juice.  It felt like I was eating candy and I don’t feel a little apple shaped lump in my belly like I would with candy.  Yeah, no fooling, either.

I’m doing really well, I realized, because I just am not giving myself the leeway to not do what I need to do.  I went to the grocery store today and had some ideas along with the smart balance butter stuff I wanted to get, but none of those ideas involved the usual rundown from the crazy grocery runs I’ve done in the past:  pizza, gummi bears, starbucks ice cream and Diet Doctor Pepper.  Just from a few weeks focusing on SparkPeople, I realize how screwed up that was leaving me and how further down in the hole that was throwing me.  Of course, it doesn’t sound BAD at this point.  Just not acceptable and I can distract myself.

I don’t have my birthday figured out, but I hope there’s an option out that doesn’t leave me feeling like we might as well have skipped it.

Bonsoir, mes amis!