Do the Dishes, Mittens

Sometimes we promise more than we can deliver.  But so long as we keep bringing something, we build the trust we need.   Oh, my god,  I’m having a terrible case of deja vu.  Cut!

Ugh, I just…brain dump.  I’m conscious now that with the whole postaday2011 tag, your first line is what turns up when you post your entry so I’ll have to go back up and dazzle you all with some ridiculously verbose and meaningless first sentence.

Today has been positive and eventful and good and suddenly, I’m hard-pressed to remember any of it.  When this is the case, we must begin at the beginning.   And the beginning should have been a good night’s sleep.  I’ve been very Gatsbian lately, trying to make myself better every day in a systematic, mildly overtly anal-retentive kind of way.   You know, 15 minutes of cleaning up all the mess I make when I make dinner and dump my purse and coat and boots and scarves and all my miscellany in the hallway.   I intended, therefore, to go to sleep properly and check that off and wake up sparkling.  For whatever reason, I fell asleepish at maybe 12:30am and woke up at 1:15am, freezing.  Unnerved by the fact the furnace wasn’t turned on when it was holy ever-loving fuck degrees below freezing, I curled up in my sheets spazzing that our twenty-eight year old furnace had, despite the two repairmen checking it out, died.  Finally, it was too much to bear, and I climbed out of bed and took the two long strides to the thermostat where it was, 64 degrees F.  Normal.  I glowered and turned it up to 67 degrees and jumped back under the covers.  The furnace heaved and made all its furnacey noises and I was quite sure at that point, that I had pushed it three degrees too far and I was pondering if there was a fire – I would probably – no, I would definitely have no way out.  And I sat there for about forty-five more minutes, shivering, imagining my impending death from smoke inhalation and y’know, burning before I finally woke up, 7:30am (about the latest I can wake up and get to work quasi-on-time).

So, anxiety, fuck off tonight, please!

What else?  Another community pillar (one I actually knew and liked) died last night and another community pillar/confirmed bachelor got engaged.  May I just say that God help his poor fiance, who can somehow tolerate the man for I couldn’t imagine living out my years with him.  No, he’s a good guy, a nice guy, but they’re both in their fifties and so conservative and demagogical that I get head-rushes from the vacuum that whirrs between his ears.  PLUS, they’re always making out and…ew.

Food has been good, we went to a new restaurant today, and I marked down what I had and I’m in my ranges (provided I choke down some oatmeal tonight) and I’m watching this hilarious (painfully squicky) show from the BBC called Miranda and there’s been some tacks in the road, but I’m swerving around them.  Keeping my eye on the green light in the distance.