What the Heck

I did really well.   On some different scales than I would have thought, but overall, I’m happy with how today – first day of this fourteen (fifteenish) day challenge went/is going.

Things I did today that were awesome.  I took my car for an oil change.  It’s been acting just a little funky-ish, just not as responsive and yesterday, it felt…I don’t know, sort of wobbly.  So, I didn’t put it off for another day when I really, really won’t have time to take care of it – I just took care of it.  Which was nice, not that expensive, and hopefully, will stave off some potential problems.

Then, huzzah, I drove to the closer grocery store and got some chicken for a recipe that came from SparkPeople.com in my email for garlic, sun-dried tomato chicken and looked rapturously delicious.  Also got some other random things, including some ravioli I made for dinner and some dark chocolate.  Kind of thinking that the best way to combat the frustration of trying to diet is not to worry so much about that, and instead getting healthy things with the best quality I can.  I got home a bit later than I wanted and I have an early morning breakfast meeting tomorrow, so the big exercising plan didn’t play out as I hoped.  But I’m going to find a way.   If I have to throw myself on the bike (which has a seat with a resiliency and squishy factor of a brick), for a few minutes, that’s what it will come to.   I have some ideas.  Not forcing it or being too upset about it – I’ve got my share to be upset about, too – it’s just going to be way too much at once.

So I’m fixating on what is working out.   Dinner was fabulous and filling and had carrots and grapes and ravioli and will have dark chocolate and really, I’m kicking myself for not opening up the bottle of wine because if I have some now, I’ll pass out and not take a bath or read or do any of the important pre-bed things I can do to make this day even better.

I’ve been reading, too! Maniacally.  I’ve started putting books in the bathroom, which is a risky proposition all the way around, however, it’s leading me to read more in big swathes of time than I might do otherwise and reading always helps.  Currently, I’m reading Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott since I figured it wasn’t fair to love Bird by Bird so unequivocally and deeply, bone-marrow deeply, and not have read any of her actual fiction.  Seems like cheating.  So it winked at me at the bookstore and I took it home and I am slowly, deliberately, having my way with it.  Can’t ever let myself forget the magic of a good book.

I weighed in this morning at the usual, magical, mobius number of 154.5.  This is after convincing myself that 150.5 couldn’t be right and checking and resetting the scale.   There’s some frustration in that number, a shitload of frustration, but what are you going to do about it?

Eat a banana.

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